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The characteristics of the Hydraulic


(1) Under the same volume, the hydraulic device can produce more power than other devices, under the same power, the hydraulic device is small, light weight, high power density, compact structure, the volume and weight of the hydraulic motor is only 12% of the same power motor.
(2) The hydraulic device works more smoothly, because of light weight, small inertia, quick response, hydraulic device is easy to achieve fast start, braking and frequent reversing.
(3) The hydraulic device can achieve stepless speed regulation in a large range, (speed range can reach 2000), but also in the process of operation to achieve speed regulation.
(4) Hydraulic transmission is easy to realize automation, and it is easy to mediate or control the liquid pressure, flow rate and flow direction.
(5) The hydraulic device is easy to realize overload protection.