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What are the precautions for CNC machining?


Before processing each program, it is necessary to strictly confirm whether the tool used is consistent with the program.
2. When installing the tool, it is necessary to confirm whether the length of the tool and the selected clamping head are suitable.
3. It is prohibited to turn on the door during the operation of the machine tool to avoid flying knives or workpieces.
4. If a tool collision is found during the processing, the operator must immediately stop the machine, such as pressing the "Emergency Stop" button or the "Reset" button, or adjusting the "Feed Rate" to zero.
5. Each time the tool is aligned in the same workpiece, it is necessary to maintain the same area to ensure the accuracy of the CNC machining center operation rules when the tool is connected.
6. If excessive machining allowance is found during the machining process, it is necessary to use "single segment" or "pause" to reset the X, Y, and Z values, then manually mill them out and shake them back to "zero" to allow them to run on their own.
7. During self operation, operators are not allowed to leave the machine tool or regularly check the operation status of the machine tool. If they need to leave midway, relevant personnel must be designated to check.
8. Before spraying oil with the light knife, it is necessary to clean the aluminum slag inside the machine tool to prevent it from absorbing oil.
9. Try to use air blowing during the roughing program, and spray oil during the light knife program.
10. After the workpiece is removed from the machine, it must be cleaned and deburred in a timely manner.
11. At the end of the workday, operators must make timely and accurate handover to ensure that subsequent processing can proceed normally.
12. Before shutting down, ensure that the tool magazine is in its original position and the XYZ axis is parked in the center position. Turn off the power supply and main power supply on the machine tool operation panel in sequence.
13. When encountering thunderstorm weather, the power must be immediately cut off and stopped working.
In addition to the above points, there are many other things that we need to pay attention to regularly. The system should pay attention to, and the machine should also pay attention to maintenance. In fact, most of the time, the machine will break down, largely due to improper operation by the user. Occasional machine maintenance is carried out, without paying attention to checking the machine before starting up, and without preheating. Some companies, due to poor environment, have their machines in a dark and humid environment for a long time, with dust everywhere, The corrosion of oil stains and various other chemical liquids, as well as the unauthorized movement of machines by production personnel, can easily lead to machine problems. In fact, if these problems are dealt with in a timely manner, our machines will definitely have a much longer service life, and the processing accuracy and performance of the machines will remain as new for a long time. The wear and tear will also be greatly reduced, and the frequency of component replacement will be reduced, saving a lot of time and cost

If any abnormal phenomena occur during the operation, please contact the manufacturer in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary losses.