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What does the Automatic Transmission Bell Casting process consist of?


Automatic Transmission Bell Casting includes the following steps: (1) Determine the structure of the automatic transmission housing for automobiles; (2) Design the casting system, open the casting process holes, and perform process simulation through numerical simulation software; (3) Design and print according to the casting system (4) Hardening the sand mold; (5) Flow coating and drying; (6) Grinding the surface of the sand mold and making it fit according to the designed sand mold. Low-pressure casting is performed on the casting. By strengthening the sand mold, the strength, dimensional accuracy and surface roughness required by the casting mold can be obtained, and the characteristics of small shrinkage, high hardness, impact resistance and good toughness can be achieved. Sand mold 3D printing through strengthening treatment The combination of technology and low pressure casting for the development and trial production of new products, the cost and cycle have been well controlled.

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