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Ningbo Ruican® is a large investment casting manufacturer and supplier in China.

Why is investment casting famous? It's because the process casts (surrounds) a model with refractory material to make a mold, and pours a molten mass into the mold.

Investment casting, also known as investment casting or lost wax casting, is a manufacturing process that uses wax patterns to form disposable ceramic molds. We need to know that molds are made in the exact shape of the item to be cast.

What materials are used in the investment casting process? Generally in the investment casting process, in addition to some main equipment, we also need to use metal molds, wax, ceramic slurry, furnace, molten metal.
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Lost Wax Precision Casting Railway Parts

Lost Wax Precision Casting Railway Parts

NINGBO RUICAN is a large-scale lost wax casting manufacturer and lost wax precision casting railway parts supplier in China. We have been in casting industrial in more than 15 years.

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